EKP works (Enterprise Knowledge Portal)

The best system that integrates company's internal and external information and different types of information source on an web based platform.
One-stop solution that provides all types of software that a company needs from groupware, knowledge management system, document management system, HR management, business management, and office.

  1. It is a concept of knowledge sharing by stipulating the personal knowledge of each employees.
  2. It introduces new technology that enables faster business process and new information techniques by establishing information infra structure to cope actively with the rapid change of business environment and information system environment.
  3. It realizes the new paradigm of business productivity improvement, paperless office, and office automation.
  4. It establishes electronic documentation process, and business operation that are not limited by space and time.
  5. It increases the member efficiency through mileage system, incentive and reward system, cyber consulting, and community.

EKP Works

  1. Variety of function is the key.
  2. EKP works is composed of knowledge, approval, mail, documents, statistics, and personal service. Designed to allow the employees to access and use the information needed at the right time, it not only revitalizes the knowledge sharing but also provides an environment of creation of high value added to previous information.