Perfectly protected facilities from any disaster

  1. Automatic firewall and automatic fine shutter is installed.
  2. In computing office to increase stability
  3. HALON, NAF III system which fit into International Montreal standard
  4. DMAX 3000 is installed to watch for fine in the building.
  5. Located at highly elevated area to minimize the possibility of inundation
  6. Bedrock structure 15M under to maximize stability of the building.
  7. Double-layered floor in the building to resist up to 950Kg/m2

Double-infrastructure to maximize electronic stability

  1. Secures double-hydroelectricity for perfect backup.
  2. Each transformer bank backup is possible.
  3. Offers emergency power for each bank from a reliable gas turbine power generator.
  4. Hold spare system from parallel UPS drive.
  5. Secures enough battery which can last 1 hour.
  6. Operates own-generator when cutting power.
  7. Capacity of one fuel tank supplies power over 30 hours.
  8. Stable power supply through double-layer private line

Excellent extension capacity of space & installation

  1. Perfect infra-structured computing office ( IBM Class A )
  2. Secure large storage-exclusive UPS room for good installation extension
  3. Arrangement for client's equipment extension capacity

High technology computing office environment

  1. Maintains optimal environment from the down flow method
  2. Double install reserved cooling tower and pipes to secure stability
  3. Drain system against water leaking
  4. Employs IBM A/O manager to control power, leaking, fire and atmosphere at the secure time

Perfect security system

  1. Protects client's system from robbery or any accident through high-tech CCTV system operating for 24 hours 365 days.
  2. Controls and manages visitors through the system.
  3. Installs fingerprint identification to regulate visitors.
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