Mobile WiMAX Introduction

What is WiBro?


  1. WiBro, Korean Mobile WiMax, is the abbreviation of Wireless Broadband.
  2. Can provide high-definition video-phone service available in SAEMAUL train (Korean express train)
  3. Approximately 30,000 won of monthly fee
  4. Commercial service will be started in June 2008.

  1. OFDMA called post-CDMA has better performance than CDMA.
  2. CTC/LDPC channel coding technology
  3. MIMO technology, spatial multiplexing, prevents the reduction of channel capacity and improves transmission rate through diversity.
         The WiBro is the accumulation of the highest telecommunication technologies
             that are currently out there.

WiBro is needed due to dissatisfaction of existing portable internet services

Mobile WiMAX Introduction
  1. So expensive price
  2. Insufficient data through put
  3. Limited service coverage
  4. Unsecured QoS

WiBro leads potential demand into practical demand for data service market

  1. Technology that enables med-low price HPi service through a trade-off between mobility and cost.
  2. It develops various application service for all IP network.
Mobile WiMAX Introduction