Mobile WiMAX Products

NPSM-1000 (WiBro Modem for PSS)

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  1. OFDMA modulation/demodulation with 1024 point FFT samples
  2. H-ARQ
  3. Idle mode and sleep mode            
    Wibro Modem for PSS
  4. Hand off mode at 120km/h speed
  1. WiBro handheld devices
  2. Laptops
  3. Cell phones
  4. Portable multimedia devices
  1. Embedded ARM946E-S
  2. NAND/NOR/PSRAM memory interface
  3. Two UARTS (1.0Mbps/115.2Kbps)
  4. Mass storage (multimedia/SD card) interface
  5. Embedded TXDAC
  6. Embedded USB slave module (8 end-points)
  7. Embedded TCXO PLL and programmable PLL
  8. Nucleus PLUS RTOS
  9. Can be used for TCP/IP/PPP/UDP/AT/DSM/mobile IP
  1. TTAS.KO-06-0082, “2.3GHz HPi standard PHY and MAC layer”, TTA
  2. Compatible with IEEE802.16d/e OFDMA
  3. IEEE802.16e+WLAN
  4. Mobile WiMax wave 2 features such as MIMO, AAS, LDPC
  5. Dimension and type :13×13×1.25(mm3), QBGA type
   Block Diagram
Wibro Modem for PSS